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Reconstructive Dentistry

If you’re looking for a strong, natural-looking and long-lasting way to rebuild your beautiful smile, look no further than our bespoke reconstructive treatments.

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Tailored treatments to repair and restore your smile

Do your teeth need some care and attention? Are you missing one or more teeth and need an aesthetic and effective solution to fill the gap and complete your smile? At Charlton Road Dental, we offer exceptional quality reconstructive treatments designed to help you achieve the beautifully restored smile you’ve been hoping for.

A new smile could be closer than you think!

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Our reconstructive treatments:

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Natural-looking protection for damaged teeth

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Fill the gap in your smile with an aesthetic bridge

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Innovative, durable and highly aesthetic replacement teeth

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High-quality replacement teeth to complete your smile

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Tooth Wear

Restore your teeth and improve their appearance

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Frequently asked questions

What is reconstructive dentistry?

Reconstructive dentistry is the term used to describe dental treatments that focus on repairing or replacing teeth that may be missing or damaged. It involves restoring your mouth to full function once more, with a highly accurate and natural-looking finish that makes it seem like no damage was ever present.

How do I know which treatment will be right for me?

We are here to help you decide which treatment is right for your particular case. If you would like to replace a missing tooth, or one of your existing teeth needs restoring, we make sure you are informed of all the options available and give our personalised advice and recommendations. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about reconstructive dentistry.

Should I choose a bridge, denture or implant to replace my missing tooth?

Bridges, dentures and implants are all very effective and successful options for replacing a missing tooth, but a certain treatment may suit you over the others. Dental implants are seen as a superior option, often chosen for their incredible aesthetics and durability, but our high-quality dentures and bridges are a more affordable option with great results. We are happy to discuss all your reconstructive dentistry options to help you decide.

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