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Replace missing teeth and improve your smile with dentures in Keynsham

Bespoke, natural-looking and secure dentures to boost your oral health and get you smiling again - book your consultation today!

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What are the key benefits of denture treatment?

Restore your full smile and boost your confidence
Improve the way you eat and speak
Enhance and support your facial shape
Natural-looking, stable and durable
Immediate dentures mean you are never without teeth

Our results

We’re so proud of the incredible smiles we achieve for our patients with dentures. We’ve helped so many people restore a beautiful smile, improve their oral health and function and rediscover their confidence with our expertise and high quality dentures. Contact us today to book your consultation.

What are dentures?

If you have lost all of your natural teeth, dentures can provide a natural-looking, secure and effective way to restore your smile and enhance both your appearance and your confidence. They are removable replacement teeth that are made completely bespoke to you, fitting comfortably in your mouth and improving the way you speak and eat.

At Charlton Road Dental, we are passionate about creating the best possible dentures for you, using the highest quality materials and digital design protocols to ensure incredible results. We design dentures that ‘disappear’ into your mouth, meaning other people will not be able to tell they are not your real teeth. We provide conventional dentures, custom-made to an exceptional standard over several appointments, and immediate dentures, which can be fitted as soon as your teeth have been extracted.

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Meet our dentist, Katie

Katie is passionate about providing her patients with incredible bespoke designed and highly aesthetic dentures, ensuring their privacy is maintained throughout and giving a natural-looking smile to really be proud of. She is very experienced in all aspects of denture treatment and care.

Katie is a member of the highly regarded exclusive Besford Study Club for clinicians with a passion for providing highly bespoke dentures.

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Why choose Charlton Road Dental for dentures?

Our valued expertise and knowledge

Dr Katie Ernst and Dr Tara Conway provide incredible quality dentures that are completely bespoke to you, using their exceptional skills and experience to deliver the best results.

Attention to detail

We focus on the most intricate of details when creating your dentures, ensuring they look beautifully natural and have maximum stability, allowing you to eat and smile with confidence.

A variety of denture options available

We are pleased to offer different types of dentures to meet the needs and preferences of every patient. This includes immediate dentures, which are fitted directly after tooth extraction and mean you are never without teeth.

State-of-the-art technology

We use innovative digital technology to elevate your treatment experience and ensure your dentures are well-fitting, secure and comfortable, made to your exact specifications.

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What is involved with having dentures made?

Having dentures made can be a long and involved process, as we take care to make sure your replacement teeth are perfect for you.

At your first appointment, we talk to you in detail about your ideal dentures and the treatment process involved, giving you the chance to ask any questions. We take digital images and impressions of your mouth and create a model to ensure your dentures are completely bespoke. We take time to design the best looking and feeling restoration for your needs and preferences.

We work closely with talented technicians, adjusting and checking your model dentures until we are completely happy. We make sure the ‘pink gums’ part of the denture is designed to look natural and fit with your mouth, and use the Scandinavian design protocol to ensure maximum stability and retention.

When your dentures are ready, we make sure you are happy with them and show you how to fit them in your mouth. We give you some personalised tips and advice on how to look after them.

Immediate dentures

At Charlton Road Dental, we also offer immediate dentures, which are inserted as soon as your teeth have been removed. These are a popular option, as you are not without teeth during the healing period at all. With immediate dentures, we take images and measurements and make a model of your jaw during an in-practice appointment before your tooth extraction.

Spread the cost of your treatment

If you are looking for the best way to pay for your dentures, we can help. Spread the cost of your treatment into affordable monthly payments with our 0% finance options, subject to suitability. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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Dentures case study

Here is a video and photos of an extremely happy patient after receiving his brand new, fully characterised, bespoke complete suction effect dentures. You can see from the before photo that the dentures were tired and stained with no characterisation, now they look beautiful and natural.

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Before & after treatment

Suction dentures

These suction dentures are made using the Dr Abe impression technique. Dr Abe is a famous Japanese prosthodontist and Katie had the privilege of being taught in person, by his successor.

These dentures have a full suction effect and are not retained using dental implants! This rare technique is not often found in the UK, but the outstanding treatment can really improve a patient's quality of life.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I look after my dentures?

It is important that you treat your dentures with care to avoid them getting damaged unnecessarily. When they are out of your mouth, make sure your dentures are stored in water or special denture fluid to avoid them drying out and losing their shape. If you need any advice on how to care for your dentures, we are happy to help.

Can I eat with dentures?

When your dentures are first fitted, you may find eating is tricky, but this will improve. It is best to stick to softer foods initially, as you get used to the feel of the dentures, and slowly introduce other items. You will find that your mouth quickly gets used to your new teeth and you will be able to eat and chew confidently before long.

Will dentures affect how I speak?

You will likely find speaking a bit more difficult at first, but this will get better over time. You may wish to practise reading aloud at home to help your mouth get used to your dentures more quickly.

Do I need to avoid certain foods with dentures?

Your dentures are strong and stable, so you will be able to eat most foods without any trouble. However, to avoid causing any damage to your dentures, it is best to avoid biting into very hard or sticky foods. We are happy to advise you – simply get in touch.

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