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Crowns are used to strengthen teeth that have been severely damaged by tooth decay or have a large filling or fractures. We also use them to mask teeth that are badly stained and discoloured.

Most crowns are tooth coloured, all ceramic porcelain crowns with no metal content. With advances in modern technologies and materials, the long term durability and strength coupled with the excellent aesthetics achieved with all ceramic crowns makes them superior to metal-porcelain crowns.

At Charlton Road Dental, with the Cerec Omnicam, we have the latest, most innovative technology in digital scanning and crown fabrication available, enabling us to provide you with all ceramic E-Max crowns prepared and fitted on the same day, whilst you wait. The accuracy of this system is unrivalled and allows for better design, build and fit of your crowns. This process limits the need for repeat visits, repeat anaesthetics, temporary crowns and wasted time out of your busy schedules.

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