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I have been receiving treatment from Tara. I always find her to be exceptionaloly professional and quick to reassure me. I have been very happy with the results of my treatment. Thank you.

Perfect everytime – thank you Tara!

Currently seeing Tara – lovely and very thorough. A brilliant dentist.

Thankyou Simon Ernst for the fab work with my tooth implant. I’m a nervous patient but you were great helping me to feel comfortable. Excellent work!

More than happy to visit my dentist Scott – i did follow him here from previous practice in Chippenham so i think this fact does say it all. However, i must admit it was a very good decision on my part as i am absolutely delighted with the treatment and outcome of the end result. Never in my wildest dreams did i ever believer i would join in family photographs without all the usual cajoling, now however i’m in the front row and even doing ‘selfies’ with my grandchildren.

From initial consultation some 6 months ago, i have had every minor detail of all that required to be carried out explained in a friendly professional manner. I was confident to ask questions and make decisions based on Scott’s recommendations.

In my 71 years i have never had such involvement in my treatment and my teeth are better than they have ever been – so a huge thank you to Scott and his dental nurse (plus laboratory staff and the whole of the Charlton Road team) for making what i was ‘dreading’ a totally different and happy dental experience.

Mrs Sandie Ford

I have been asked to comment on my experience relating to sedation.

I have a strong gag reflex, associated with anything remotely interfering with the back of my mouth. I have difficulty cleaning my teeth often having to stop part way through.

Due to Chronic gum disease I decided with the aid and advice from Dr Ayrton to have my 4 wisdom teeth taken out. I probably debated this course of treatment for a couple of years.

I was told that Dr Simon Ernst was the man to carry out the sedation. On the day of the extractions, I was very anxious and nervous.

On entering the dental surgery I was a little surprised to see 4 people who were about to attend to me.

Simon explained everything to me about the procedure. On taking my blood pressure Simon said that it was 170/ and he suggested that it was a little high. I told him that I was scared and he decided to carry on with the treatment.

After the sedative was administered, I just remember feeling very relaxed and the next thing I was aware of was being told that it was all over and all the teeth had been removed.

I do not remember anything of the procedure, I would certainly recommend it.

I just want to say how much I appreciate the discussion we had yesterday.

The idea of me in ‘control’ struck a chord & I’m working on banishing a ‘victim’ feeling.

Thankyou so much for your time & understanding all the best Gabriel.

I have had practically all the treatments know to patients over the years . Usually with injections and tooth extraction there is some ‘after math’ ref swelling, numbness, soreness etc.

What did I have after I left the surgery? nothing at all !!

I have never known a treatment like it in my hundreds of treatments over the years, quite amazing so thank you so much for a perfect session.

Perhaps you really are Gods chosen one!!

A very dedicated and professional team that will do all they can to help. And they will do their best to keep you comfortable in the chair and be as pain free as possible when having anything serious done inside your mouth. I’ve been going to this practice 20+ years and will be keep going for another 20+.

Thank you all for excellence care!

Brain Lindup

A very helpful, friendly dental surgery.

Joanne White

The dental treatment was very professional. I would highly recommend the practice.

Mrs Patricia Clarke

I like the friendly atmosphere. The cleanliness, and the bright waiting room with T.V.

Mrs Barbara Drew

I have always been happy with the treatments I have had and have been treated with the up most care. Now an ex-nervous patient and confident of pain free treatments.

Rita Powell

New Decoration is very relaxing and comfortable. Very good experience.’

Mr and Mrs Bandfieldl

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