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The practice is committed to promoting the conservation, sustainable management and improvement of the environment and to minimising the environmental impact of its activities.

Aim of this policy

The aim of this policy is to enable the practice to embrace our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and manage it with the same level of professionalism as other parts of the business. In doing so we hope to fulfil our responsibilities, engage our team and improve our reputation.

Achieving the Goal

In aiming to achieve our goal we address the following 4 areas:

Please note that in the sections below ‘B’ stands for basic and ‘A’ stands for advanced

Values Statement

Vision – Charlton Road Dental stands to ensure that it is a positive, kind, safe and caring working environment which encourages career progression for all team members. We aim to provide the very best of modern dentistry to a high level and to allow our patients to make decisions following a full and thorough consent process via patient education.

Values – We value our corporate social responsibility highly. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint where possible, by recycling non clinical waste and reducing energy and water consumption as far as practicable. We ensure our staff are looked after by providing a safe environment and providing physical and mental health support. Dental health is looked after and paid for by the practice Denplan scheme. A life coach is available for all staff that require it as well as referral for medical and mental health services privately through the Denplan GP and counselling scheme. We ensure we support our local community in both charitable fund raising and using local businesses where possible.

Purpose – We aim to provide the very best dentistry to our patients to suit each individuals needs. We aim to understand and meet the needs of our patients, involve them in all decisions about their care and encourage them to participate fully. We involve other professionals in the care of our patients, where this is in the patients best interest – for example, referral for specialist care and advice. We participate in local initiatives to promote the benefits of general and oral health to the wider population. We ensure that all members of the team have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently. and with confidence. We ensure we are up to date with current national guidelines affecting the way we care for our patients.

People & Ethics

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